Beauty Products


Epicuren Discovery

Like Technology and research, Epicuren Discovery® is ever changing and evolving. We offer pure, innovative skin care using the most luxurious, natural ingredients available. The Epicuren® mission is to enhance customers’ well being and personal evolution. The true passion is to combine the infinite discoveries within nature and technology. Skin care and wellness provide the perfect platform to integrate these inspirations, resulting in endless possibilities.

When Meghan started Beauty by Meghan in early 2013, her dream was to figure out a way to get Epicuren to all of her clients in the PNW! Meghan used this line exclusively in San Diego, starting in 2008 and truly nothing compares in her opinion. “This brand is by far the BEST skincare brand I have ever worked with- truly results driven skincare that she feels great recommending to everyone.” The metadermobolic enzyme is life and skin changing... Whether you are acne-prone, dehydrated or looking for an anti-aging regime- Epicuren has something for everyone!

Serious Serum

Serious Serum is the best hair eliminator and skin exfoliant you'll ever use. It will leave your skin silky smooth and fabulous anywhere you apply it and it was developed for post waxing use, to alleviate ingrown hairs and minimize redness. Get serious!

Meghan started as a client using Serious Serum after seeing Shannon at Urban Waxx (who is one of the inspirations and mentors for GLAMbeauty- Shannon is a true entrepreneur and innovator!). After being a loyal client, Meghan realized she needed to bring Serious Serum to the masses! She uses it nightly to eat away any dead skin and boost cellular metabolism and weekly to make sure those ingrown hairs never stand a chance. Use it from head to toe- SERIOUSLY!

Lacey Haegen

Nature made the ingredients, we just made the recipes.  We understand beyond an alluring appearance, you want your skin to be healthy and function perfectly.  All of our recipes are concentrated with powerful botanical ingredients and nourish, awaken and satisfy skin's unique appetite.  We are dedicated to creating the best and healthiest skincare products that support how skin functions as the largest organ in our body.  Our completely natural products provide the skin exactly what it craves, so you can look and feel your best today, and for years to come.

Meghan chose Lacey Haegen products because they feel AMAZING on your skin, and being able to apply a "lotion" in the shower was life changing!  Meghan says, " I don't know why I will spend 10 minutes using 10 face care products and neglect my body lotion, but after using the creme rinses in the shower, I never have to worry about that again!".  You will love Lacey's totally natural approach to nourishing our skin- she's truly an expert in her field and your skin will reflect her expertise!



When searching the world for our ingredients, KEVIN.MURPHY looked for companies that use micro cultivation, organic growing practices, or ecologically sound wild harvesting techniques to ensure the KEVIN.MURPHY range is of the very highest natural quality. We love all KEVIN.MURPHY hair products because they are sulphate, paraben and cruelty free.

Meghan selected Kevin Murphy (at the suggestion of her own amazing stylist, Ashley Cheri of Union Hair Lounge) for one specific reason. Kevin is a HIGHLY respected session stylist- which means his entire job is styling and perfecting his model’s hair on high-end photo shoots (hi, 6 out of 12 Vogue covers in 1 year!). Kevin knows what it takes to get his clients photo-shoot ready, and we want everyone who comes in for a blowout to feel the same!


Sigma Beauty

Sigma constantly strives to produce exceptional and stylish beauty products at an affordable price for its customers. Sigma is dedicated to developing revolutionary beauty products with an exceptional signature quality. We are fashion-forward, innovative trendsetters, inspiring people around the world to express their individual beauty.

Sigma is Meghan’s favorite brush line- not only for the high quality (they stand up to 1000’s of washings in my kit and still maintain their integrity) but the price is RIGHT! I love the Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove. It makes cleaning bushes an easy breezy dream- every last drop of makeup is washed clean and you are left with perfectly soft, clean and practically NEW brushes! Not a Vancouver/ Portland local? CLICK HERE to shop for Sigma.