Meet the GLAMbarbies

Meghan Hamilton, Head GLAMbarbie

Meghan is an Esthetician & Makeup Artist, who started dreaming of GLAMbeauty bar as a wee babe. Her dream is truly being realized every day (honestly, it never feels like "work" to her)! Meghan loves making women look and feel their best, so she started Beauty by Meghan, LLC with one vision; to bring a little GLAM to women everyday. With that in mind, your team of GLAMbarbies has all been hand selected by Meghan to make sure that you feel special every single time you come in to GLAMbeauty bar.

Alex James, GLAMdirector

Alex James was our first hire here at GLAMbeauty bar- and once you spend more than one minute with her you will know why!  Alex is our Salon Manager, and happens to be amazing with both Hair & Makeup (you will see her behind the desk & behind the salon chair!!) She is funny, personable, warm and super witty- plus she is fab with customer service and is a true girly girl. We are THRILLED to have her running the ship called GLAM!

Becca Andre, GLAMbarbie

Becca is a fantastic hair stylist & makeup artist (your curls last for days when Becca does your hair & makeup is oh so GLAM!), who also specializes in facial waxing and custom airbrush tanning! Becca is funny, always willing to jump in and do any task plus she's so much fun to talk to. We are thrilled to have such a passionate beauty guru on our GLAMteam!

Sarah Miles, GLAMbarbie

Sarah is such a ray of sunshine in our lives- she is ALWAYS happy (smiling is one of her hobbies), loves what she does (waxing is truly her passion), PLUS she's a hair stylist on top of being an esthetician so she's a true beauty magician! Sarah truly enjoys waxing, and makes her clients feel SO comforatable. We are SO grateful to have Sarah on our team!

Katelyn Carbajal, GLAMbarbie

Katelyn comes to GLAM with a true passion for hair! After soaking up a wealth of knowledge & experience from her mentors at Beigeblond, Katelyn was ready to spread her wings and truly express her styling expertise. She's passionate about staying on trend with both hair & makeup and truly loves teaching her clients how they can get their hair "salon-ready " at home. Katelyn is also one of our Lash Extension barbies, and loves to help her clients achieve the perfect lash for everyday. We love having Katelyn on the team!

Maresah Rogers, GLAMbarbie

Maresah has been a hairstylist for 7 years now and and truly loves what she does! Her professional stylist history began with the Aveda Institute Portland, and since she has worked as an in salon stylist and freelance artist in Oregon, Washington and Hawaii. Over the years she has found herself involved in everything from fashion shows to designer photo shoots, barbershops, high-end salons and in home appointments. In addition to her hair skills, Maresah also offers beautiful makeup application & lessons plus a range of waxing & tinting services. We are thrilled to have her on the GLAMteam!

Kristen Fletcher, GLAMbarbie

Kristen is the latest addition to GLAM, and we couldn't be more excited and impressed by her inner sparkle mixed with her tremendous talent! Kristen is an esthetician who LOVES all things skincare, and she absolutely shines in her makeup artistry too (she had her own freelance business before becoming a Barbie!). Her attention to detail also makes her a great lash artist- plus she loves to clean?! It's no wonder we are in love, and know you will be too!